Help yourself to Pain-free Shoulders

Exercises designed by specialist clinicians to resolve your Shoulder issues.

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What You Get:

Free Rehab Exercises to resolve the problem.

The Shoulder People

Experienced, understanding, qualified practitioners.

Specialized in Shoulder Injury Recovery.

 More than 25 years of established practice.


Customers reviews

I have heard a lot about osteopathy treatment at Copthall health Thanks for your recommendation.
Asma A.
I have been seeing David for a number of years in relation to a lower back complaint. He is always gentle, courteous and able to ease the problem in a minimum of visits.
Anthony Marsh
I saw David at Copthall for a series of issues and he's great! Usually runs to time and always explains clearly what's going on, the action he's taken and what you can do to help improve things.
Ruth Chapple

Copthall Health Specialize in Shoulder Injury Recovery

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