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Sports Massage

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What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a massage technique specific to athletes. It is intended to increase flexibility, help with injury prevention and rehabilitation. However it can also be utilised to assist with the healing of injuries to tendons and muscles.

For the sporting client it aims to reduce stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue and it assists with the recovery following minor injuries or overexertion. It is also used as a preparation before strenuous activity thereby reducing the number of injuries and increasing muscle tone.

It can also assist those with a restricted range of motion and those who undertake less strenuous activities.


What is the difference between sports and deep tissue massage?

Sports massage is utilised when a specific problem needs attention, for example a pulled hamstring or a joint that is difficult to move comfortably as a result of exercise or over-stressing, whereas deep tissue massage addresses deep layers of tissue and connective tissue with a view to increasing blood flow (and therefore oxygen flow) around the body.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

There are many potential benefits of sports massage, the most obvious of these being the easing of aches and pains, increase in joint movement and overall flexibility. The less obvious benefits include better sleep, better concentration and an increase in general energy levels.

What do you wear for a sports massage?

It is important that the area to be treated of the body is not restricted by clothing during the therapy session. Whilst it is also important that one should remain at ease during treatment, it should be understood that visibility and freedom of access to the area being treated is vital. When clothing is preferred the clothing should have a good deal of stretch and be easily removable. It is also possible to work over and through a towel.

How long should a sports massage last?

The duration of a sports massage session will vary from one person to another and is governed by the number of areas to be treated, and whether it is intended to be a part or full body massage. The duration of the massage may be governed by the therapist’s endurance and the duration the client desires to be treated.

A massage may be required for periods ranging from 30 to 120 minutes with the most common duration being an hour long. Time should also be for the client to change out of and into clothing.

How often should I get a massage?

The frequency of massage therapy is a factor that varies from one client to another. Each person is unique, as is their lifestyle, stress levels and the demands on their body. Age also plays an important role on a person’s wellness. It is generally considered that once a month is a reasonable frequency assuming therapy is for maintenance purposes, and more frequently when there are added stress levels, high demand on muscle tissue, as well as when there are past injuries and emotional needs.

Your therapist will be able to discuss your own circumstances and make a recommendation.